Politics of tombo and the illiterates

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on political issues among my compatriots on which politicians and their close allies are to be blamed. They mislead and wrongly convince the political illiterate of this land in their mobilisation campaigns. To my surprise, they don’t hold their rallies in white or well-educated dominated residential areas like Klein Kuppe, Eros or Klein Windhoek, but rather opt for Katutura and the Blackman’s dominated regions.

Namibian models? interest is keeping the flag high


We appreciate the article in the Informanté (Edition of November 27) on Models across the Globe. Especially Namibian models like myself, Vicky Tjirimuje, Frieda Shapopi, and Shenaaz, who are all trying to keep the Namibian flag raised and be inspirational in their own unique ways across the globe. The publicity is much appreciated. Thanks.

Is the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA) still a sinking Titanic?


I would like you to publish this letter for the interest of the Namibian nation. We are approaching the festive season where we expect movement of people from one point to another. Looking into the tourism sector, I would like to ask the Ministry of Works and Transport, especially the Director of Civil Aviation, what has been accomplished so far on the issue of aviation safety, as it has been a big concern during the year.

Gay rights are not human rights

Firstly, it is necessary to realise that this is not at all a human rights issue, but an issue regarding morality and all about rebellion against the natural order created by God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth – who will certainly - if we choose to allow the perversion of homosexuality to proliferate in our society - punish us to the full extent.

The statesmanship call for Pohamba

President Hifikepunye Pohamba has come in for a stick for staying clear of categorically condemning the violent behaviour and political thuggery that ensued when a Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) political gathering attracted the ire of some Swapo members at Outapi.

2008 memoirs of a sports writer

Moments before a press conference you walk into a room, which just moments ago was buzzing with animated conversation. Suddenly all conversation stops, and the few who know you proffer their hands in greeting, while the rest appraise you like some goddamn alien.