Thank you Namibia!

IN little than days, the year 2011 will derive to a finale and the New Year (2012) will commence.  Informanté would not have had a leap forward to this culmination if it was not for the steadfast readership and those who had confidence in the community newspaper over the past ten years. Your constancy and faith in the current workforce since the change of editorial management in January 2011 and subsequently, has been a marvelous encouragement to carry on the torch as the voice of the voiceless. We had a fantastic year, full of ups and downs, but by the grace of the powers of the Gods of the world we made it through it.

Namibia must cut umbilical cord

The president told us that we misuse the opportunities given to us by his government. He told us that we ‘should not sell the farms and fishing rights etc. to others to earn a quick buck’. We say he is right! However, we would like to hear more from him.

Omuthya calling for Kamwi visit

Health Minister Kamwi should come and see how poor village people are being treated by the nurses of the Omuthiya Clinic. They are unruly and harsh and act as if they are forced to do the job against their will. When I took my nephew to the clinic they humiliated me and sent me out, simply because I did not sit on a chair.

NAM should support Syrian people

Libya is now well on its road to democracy and personal freedom. That will not be an easy road, not a tarred one. The road will be bumpy, full of potholes and full of a multitude of very different obstacles. But this is the road the Libyan people chose to go; it was a brave decision and we, having achieved our own freedom 21 years ago already, have to congratulate them


2011 has come to an end and Informanté Entertainment looks back at the year that was and brings you the legendary Informanté Celebrity Awards. Camera, Pen and Notebook!!!!