Northern cycling club in need

The chairman of the Oshakati Cycling Club (OCC), Salomo Ndeshimona, is appealing for donations from cycling enthusiasts and supporters to allow the club’s members to participate in events on the 2012 national cycling calendar. The club has been in existence since 2008 and is affiliated to the National Cycling Federation.


Horseracing continues its strong comeback to the local sports scene with the Tobie van Wyk Competition to take place at the Rehoboth Turf Club on Saturday.

The weekend saw two of the country’s top domestic league bottom logged teams lock horns in Rundu. A summit that was the last of the first leg and described by many as a battle against relegation.

Hangula files to sue Informant

The Deputy Commissioner of Prisons,Tuhafeni Hangula, has issued summons out of the High Court against  Informanté and its Editor, after the weekly newspaper published a front page story titled ‘Prison Deputy helps bank-fraudster escape’ last week Thursday.

Fish for SWAPO

The RDP and several businesses claim that the country’s fishing quotas are mainly allocated to prominent SWAPO members and that those few allocated to members of the opposition are limited to high-ranking parliamentarians in an attempt to bribe them into joining the ruling party.