No allowance for bush teachers

SOME teachers at the Combined School in the Ohangwena region allege discrimination and unfair treatment by the Ministry of Education as well as the Teachers Unions Nantu and TUN, following their exclusion from the hardship (bush) allowance currently being paid to teachers of other schools in and around Ondobe Circuit.

Bank pays out millions wrongly

Hundreds of employees and suppliers of the Namibia Ports Authority were already in Christmas mood last Wednesday when they learned of a 13th salary showing up on their bank statement. But the festive joy came to an abrupt end when some of them phoned the finance department to thank them for the unexpected bonus – it was a mistake.

12 drivers caught drunk

TWELVE people were arrested for drunken driving in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay over the past weekend, since traffic law enforcement intensified in lieu of the festive holiday season. Apart from ad hoc road blocks in the towns, police traffic units also kept close watch on the national roads for suspected drunken drivers. Police say that a zero tolerance approach will be maintained against drunken driving on coastal streets until early next year.

Global warming: Implications for Namibians

Greetings Namibia! The rainy season has started and normally this is the time for floods around the country.
The possessions of climate change are being sensed globally, impugned predominantly on industrialised nations as known polluters, but the brunt is felt primarily by the poor in developing countries. World leaders and environmentalists are presently assembling in Durban, South Africa, discoursing how to moderate CO2 emissions, slow global warming and come up with a mandatory global agreement on climate change. Many are sceptical of the reality of the United Nations-led COP17 meeting and many believe it will pass and probably be discredited just like the Kyoto Protocol, the Copenhagen Convention and numerous others. Economic interests and perhaps greed are at the centre of indecisiveness to save our planet.

Political Leadership: Do parties enhance or thwart aspirations?

Namibians have criticized all political leaders including the Head of State, with minimum inhibition. The difficulty is that, our political system is not well disposed towards political aspirants who are self-propelled and can openly share their intentions to stake their rightful claims on leadership. This experience pervades all political trends in Namibia. When especially younger political players rear their heads as potential contestants for high positions, tensions ensue and contestations get wrapped in suggestions that, only the top leadership or better still, the top most position in the party can decide who gets slated on the list of candidates.

Tribalism no solution

Allow me to comment on the letter published in your last week’s edition titled “Muyongo is nothing,” by Prince Mutwa Moraliswani, which leaves less to be desired if people are committed in resolving any conflict or misunderstanding in the Caprivi Strip.

Give Smelter a chance

Towards the end of 2009 (before the take-over by Dundee) the emissions from the Namibia Custom Smelter in Tsumeb were exceptionally bad. I had reliable information that the filter bags were completely shod, meaning unfiltered material was blown into the air. I wrote a letter to the Chief Inspector of Mines regarding this and was contacted by Weatherly (the then owners) but I never got a reply from the inspector.

NAM sports on decline

Allow me to express my concerns regarding the future of Namibia in terms of competition, sports, leadership and personality.  We talk of the time of Frank Fredericks, the likes of Harry Simon and not to forget the soccer team of 1998, the year of Kanalelos, Michelle McLean taking becoming Miss Universe - the list goes on but that is history.