Valuables disappear from Katutura police

Theft at police stations was once again highlighted after accusations against the Katutura police station by 28 year-old boat engineer Augustus Nangombe, after he could not claim back valuables upon his release from the holding cells, where he was kept for 48 hours and released without being charged, giving a statement or appearing in court.

Veteran Mudslinging

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Veteran Affairs, William Amagulu, has denied rumours spread by the self-acclaimed chairperson of the Concerned Veterans group, Julia Nghiiki, that certain individuals within the Veterans Ministry are interfering with the selection of members to serve on the veteran’s board.

Traditional leaders don?t own land

OSHAKATI - Sub-senior headman Nangolo Mbwiinayi of Epalela village in the Uukolonkadhi district claims that accusations of overcharging for land acquisition in his area was prompted by misunderstanding and the unbecoming conduct of some ”mischievous” junior headmen who may have overstepped the standing rules and procedures.

Early Christmas for challenged kids

Santa Claus brought presents to more than 30 mentally challenged children recently who met at Rundu’s Kehemu Senior Primary school for a party that was organised by the local Special Olympics committee. Volunteers from the Global Exchange programme helped with the smooth running of the fun day.

Return of the Skulls: Government takes low ebb

The latest in the spate of subtle debates is the announcement by Permanent Secretary Peingeondjambi Shipoh, that there were more skulls in Germany that belong to Namibia and that the government preferred to repatriate these skulls without emotion. This has raised eyebrows among some of the communities, more so those that have engineered the return of the skulls in the first place: How can the government announce the method of return without due regard to their emotions?


From time immemorial, sports have been recognized as a physical activity that involves specific skills in which more than two people or teams take part. There are usually rules in sports as there are a winner and a loser. In antiquity, the loser would probably be slayed to display bravery and dominance, but in a modern world, the loser shakes the hand of the winner with a broad smile and acknowledges being outclassed. That is what sportsmanship should be all about.

History has many faces

It concerns me to read the many letters on reparation and restitution demands in our newspapers, which almost all include some true and many not so true historical facts. These facts are too often twisted, fragmentary and even invented about when, where and how German troops ‘wiped out’ a group of Namibian people.