Expo for local products

The first ever “Made in Namibia” business expo has started on Tuesday in the capital with the aim to promote knowledge-sharing and networking among the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and showcase Namibian products by small scale local manufactures. Today is the last day of the expo.

Swakop church rocked by child assault and sex scandal

An incident where a teacher admitted to the assault of a four year-old boy at the United Reforming Church’s Pikkewyntjie pre-primary school in Swakopmund recently was the last straw to break the camel’s back, leaving an entire congregation to sink into an abyss of division and mistrust. Some believe the church has many more skeletons in the closet, including further incidents of assault on children and abuse of power positions.

Who deserves to be University Chancellor?

The universities are always in search of those people to be appointed as chancellors who possess the values, personality characteristics and integrity in addition to academic excellence and administrative experience.  Finding the right person to fit into the chancellor’s position is very important, not only in the interest of the university, but also in the interest of the community and nation building, as thousands of students observe this leadership position with high expectations as someone who contributes directly to their future.

Muyongo is nothing

Muyongo and other African leaders usually underestimate the intelligence of their followers. It was because of Muyongo that Brendan Simbwaye came back from Zambia to address a meeting at Ngweze township in Caprivi, yet at that time he had already arranged with the South African security officers to apprehend him, so as to pave a way for him to be a leader of CANU in Zambia before merging into SWAPO.

Elvo & Lovey IT?S OVER!

The marriage of well-known music producer Elvo Diergaardt and his wife Lovey, the personal assistant at Gazza Music Production (GMP) is now history. The couple has given up hope on saving their love since Elvo has moved out of the house and filed for divorce.