More floods to come


HEAVY rains are observed over the western and far northwestern parts of Angola. Water levels in the Cuvelai Iishanas remain high due to heavy rains received in the catchment. The Zambezi River level at Katima Mulilo is rising significantly and is currently at 5,46m. The water level is above normal and higher than last year during the same period. The Zambezi floodplains are flooded and more floods are expected in the area in the coming days. Readiness for flood response should be kept at its highest alert in the Cuvelai and Zambezi catchments The Kavango River level at Nkurenkuru increased with 20cm since yesterday morning, it is currently at 3,09m; Rundu is currently at 5,40m; Mukwe recorded 2,581m this morning.No other rains were reported except isolated light showers over the far northwestern part of the country. The following hydrological gauging stations recorded the highest water levels this morning namely: Ompundja 1,36m, Shapoko 0,98m , Shanalumono 1,03m, Shashuuli 0,99m, Engela 0,98m, Endola 1,09m, Shahaingu 0,75m, Okanimekwa 0,58m, Onyele 0,52m and Akati 0,53m. According to NamWater, Von Bach Dam is at 56,4%, Naute Dam is at 99,9%, Omatako Dam is at 61,5%, Swakoppoort Dam 35,5% and Oanob is at 90,6%. Hardap Dam is currently at 72,1%.