Rukoro calls for unity


The Ovaherero Paramount Chief, Vekuii Rukoro, has urged traditional leaders to openly join them in their quest to finally bring the genocide case to rest following government’s commitment to push for compensation.Rukoro made this call on Monday at a jam-packed community compound, Commando No.2, in Katutura upon his return from the United States where his delegation filed a federal class action lawsuit against the German government over the issue of reparation.“Although the Namibian government has already spent millions on the preparatory talks and have committed to the cause, I am calling upon other traditional leaders of Ovaherero and Namas to join us,” said Rukoro.“We are not hesitant in making this call, because we are all one. Label us puppets for extending this gesture to other leaders, but we are ready to engage anyone for the purpose of unity. Call us names, still we will knock at your doors for the sake of peaceful persuasions of our genocide case against the German government, because we need each other as leaders of genocide victims,” he said.   He further stressed that if other leaders fail to heed his call, they will still continue as usual.“Given that the situation has now changed, government has no other option but to meet with the victims directly.  It is no secret that we are divided over the genocide issue, but we have to swallow our prides and meet both governments as one group of Ovaherero and Namas leadership.  Our differences will not benefit our people, hence the need for one negotiating group,” Rukoro further stressed. The Ovaherero and Nama leadership filed a genocide lawsuit against the German government even though Germany failed to send a representative to the US court.“We are sure that the Germans were secretly represented and the message reached them, so it’s up to them to either engage us directly beforehand or to defend themselves in court come 21 July. We are ready for either outcome,” said Rukoro.The presiding judge set aside 21 July 2017 for the second hearing after the German government failed to send an official representative.