Citizens matter most?


Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 15:15
WHEN it becomes difficult to distinguish between character assassination and political campaigning, it becomes increasingly impossible for Namibians to choose between good and bad leadership at any level. 
Bad administration and corruption will never be addressed if all Namibians are suspects by association or out of political convenience. 
Worse, no Namibian with any self-respect will volunteer for public service or even community leadership out of fear of putting the reputation of family and friends at the mercy of political cannibals who hunt in a pack and devour their own to feed their own unchecked ambition.
Namibia will be robbed of the opportunity of its best citizens to serve the nation on all levels and the nation will be left with candidates that don’t care about their own reputation or even that of the very citizens they pretend to care about or represent.
The more Namibians are brought under the impression that the political infighting and character assassination is part of the 2017 Swapo elective congress agenda, the more they are wrong. 
Evidence proves otherwise.  Namibians who voted near unanimously for change in 2014 should not be the collateral damage of the Swapo civil war which rebels started at the 2012 Congress after they did not accept the results at the party congress. They set their personal ambitions too high through over-confidence in their candidates who failed and then destroyed all hope of political appointment without elections.
The leadership should now also seriously consider the Trojan Horse inside the fortress of legendary Swapo unity and discipline.
The relentless campaigns of character assassination by individuals exposing the bitterness of the losing minority of the 2012 Congress rather than a democratic campaign towards the 2017 Swapo congress. 
BoN Governor Shiimi, for all his public bravado, will be the first to admit that he should have treated the SME Bank matter differently and not in a way that  created even more insecurity and now also raises suspicion of a deeper political agenda.
It now seems that he consulted with the President and his team on this very serious matter only to deliberately ignore the advice a few hours later and proceed in a way that is now creating more insecurity in the future of the SME Bank. His own powers are now questioned and trust suffers.
It is, therefore, appropriate for a proper investigation and it can also be an opportunity to investigate the botched Kwanza deal that cost Namibia billions of dollars in a very difficult time. The nation has the right to be informed truthfully.
What also did not go unnoticed was that the Ministry of Home Affairs was economical with their truth regarding political interference in the issuing of Zimbabwean work permits and only got fed up now with political interference in the knowledge that most of the work permits would have expired at the end of the month anyway. More importantly, the Zimbabwe controversy is camouflaging the issue of corrupt Chinese work permits, either by design or by mistake.
Even the six percent salary increase that political office bearers received in April last year that was being presented as a new and additional salary increase now,  backfired and exposes the ease with which those with political ill will towards their own can be duped.
It is alarming and lays bare the deep vein where political agendas are interfering with good governance and best practices at every level.
An old inconclusive investigation by BoN that friends of the Head of State assisted him financially for protecting the Israeli crook, Kobi Alexander, against extradition to the USA, was no coincidence. Lightning has a better chance to strike twice in the same spot.
The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) started its investigation in October 2009 only to reach a final conclusion nearly eight years later and, therefore, Namibia can only conclude that the release of the finding of nothing is part of a conspiracy of the impossible.
All the related and unrelated events of the past few days are indeed related to a single strategy as in all the cases where the President and by implication his team and old and new friends are the target of character assassination from within.
The sooner Namibia and the leadership can deal with the 2012 Congress, the sooner Namibia can rededicate to 2017 and beyond.
To insinuate that friends only help each other if they can gain from such help, should be an insult to any Namibian who has a friend or is a friend to anybody. 
Throughout Namibian history, friends assisted each other without expecting something in return. This is what friends do, but it is a dangerous development when friendships are criminalized resulting in a general suspicion that will kill loyalty, goodwill and eventually will undermine any effort towards the unity that most Namibians are proud of.
It was and is general knowledge that not everything was right at the SME Bank and that it was trouble-ridden from the day of its inception. What is broken will not be fixed by breaking rules.  BoN and the SME board now have a unique opportunity to correct the wrongs and serve the small business community that were to benefit from the scheme in the first place.
Except, if the support of close to 90% of voters that really matters are subjected to the agenda of those who clearly did not accept the Swapo Congress outcomes in 2012.  The real danger now is that those who do not accept and respect election results will also not respect the will of the people if by a conspiracy of the gods they might rule one day.
When gossip replaces debate and national consultation, Namibians will first lose their voice and eventually their vote.