Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 09:00
A 36-year-old bachelor and security guard whose habit of waking up early to go pick up his copy of the Informanté paid off. 
Fabianus Kasindereki Hausiku knows that the Informanté is on demand on Fridays in the town of Swakopmund and could not believe his luck when he realised he got the winning number in the Informanté/Legal Shield Unique Number competition. 
“I checked my winning number copy which I bought two weeks ago and compared it with an older copy, and it matched with the number in the other older newspaper I already had,” Hausiku explained.  
He said people usually run around looking for the Informanté, as the winning number competition has gained momentum in the town of Swakopmund. “Sometimes you have to wake up very early to go to the post office, because if you get there late¸ you won’t even find one copy left,” he said.
Hausiku expressed joy and gratitude for bagging a whopping N$10 000 from the Informanté/Legal Shield Unique Numbers competition. The bachelor expressed future plans of starting a small business for his children where they can sell items like sweets and fruit to earn extra money for basic necessities.
Hausiku advised Namibians against the culture of ignoring opportunities and thanked the Informanté and its primary sponsor Legal Shield for making an impact in his life.  He would have doubled his prize money to N$20 000 if he was a paid up Legal Shield member.