Crime prevention groups necessary


Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 13:30
Omusati residents have been urged to create crime prevention groups as a solution to the growing crime rate in the region.
Speaking during the State of the Region Address (SORA), Omusati governor, Erginus Endjala, noted with concern that the crime rate is increasing daily, especially murder, rape, theft and gender-based violence.
Endjala said that amongst the victims is the former governor of Omusati Region, Leonard Nangolo Mukwiilongo, who died shortly after his home was targeted by armed robbers.
Mukwiilongo died at the age of 93 at Ongwediva MediPark Private Hospital last month after he suffered injuries he sustained after a group of thieves attacked him at his home in Elim constituency. They allegedly tortured him for refusing to hand them the keys to his safe.
Five suspects were eventually arrested in connection with the robbery and are expected back at court on 20 July.
“As much as we blame police officers and teachers, the people to be blamed are the parents as they do not have time for their children,” said Endjala.
Endjala added that the Justice Ministry needs to ensure that the judiciary system is strengthened to impose heavy sentences on convicts.
Endjala then suggested that communities in the region form crime prevention groups amongst themselves to defend those that are defenseless in their communities, as well as reduce crime in the region.