Cum Laude, making waves


Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 11:30
David Shikalepo, better known as Exit, has proven his maturity in the music industry with his latest album titled, Cum Laude Volume 1.
Speaking to Informanté, Exit said the album highlights his growth and allowed him to reflect on the social issues that confront him on a daily basis.
“It is the kind of album that fans of my music have been waiting for so long.  As a grown man I expressed myself maturely on it, playing with old and new school sounds that will definitely attract my fans,” he said. 
Cum Laude is a Latin word or phrase used to indicate the level of distinction with which an academic achievement was earned.
“Being in the industry for so long, you get to a level where you understand the ins and outs and dos and don’ts, the hustle and so forth. So my blueprint and the contents of this album is major league, and setting new standards in the game deserves an honorable achievement,” said Exit.  
The album consists of 16 tracks composed with different producers in the music industry.
“Production wise, I worked with different producers to get the quality of sound that I desire for my music. I worked with the experience of Elvo, DJ Chronics and musical collaborations wise, I chose to go with talented artists such as Neslow, King Biko from the South, a Damara/Nama Punch feel invited the voices of the Tswazis, MJay and Tequila,” he further explained. According to Exit, the rockaz fans should expect nothing but the best from this album and encourages them to buy his CD in stores nationwide. 
“I always strive to fix mistakes that I’ve previously made on any other album by focusing on doing what the consumers and target market likes to hear and this is Exit’s music from the first tune and I have great belief that it’s the one that will take me somewhere in my life,” he said.   
His CD launch will be announced soon and Exit encouraged fans to follow him on social media for updates.