Founding Father in Election Row


Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 14:15


WINDHOEK - With campaigns
cranked up for the Swapo elective congress next week, the Founding Father, Dr
Sam Nujoma, uncharac­teristically found himself in the eye of a Swapo political
storm while on vacation at the coast.

Social media platforms and an
edited video clip created the im­pression that Nujoma endorsed the various
leaders contesting under the Jerry Ekandjo/Nahas Angula-banner and that he had
snubbed the Grootfontein rally of the Geingob team, while his farm is close by
in the Otavi area.

Nujoma was, in fact, on leave at
his coastal residence in Hen­ties Bay during the time he was snapped with
members of the group that go by the banner “Team Swapo.” In a war of words, one
of Namibia’s most respected business­men and Walvis Bay icon, Uncle John Savva,
in an extraordinary step issued a press release clarify­ing a private lunch he
and “old friend and comrade” Founding Father, Dr Sam Nujoma, had at the
Atlantic Hotel on request of Dr Nujoma.

After pictures circulated of Dr
Nujoma posing with various per­sonalities, amongst them Dr Elijah Ngurare and
Martha Namundjebo- Tilahun, the usually reserved Uncle Savva issued a press
release declaring his unconditional support for the Geingob Team and revealed
that the “private family lunch” on request of Dr Nujoma earlier in the morning
was invaded by ten people from team Nahas/Ekandjo and that some did not even
have the decency to pay for the meals they enjoyed, especially since they were
not invited. The respected businessman said he condemns the behaviour as
disrespectful towards him, but even more so towards the founding father.

“I was not aware of the mo­tives
and at no stage was I aware that the private lunch between my family and Dr
Nujoma will be intruded on,” he said. He said what is extremely painful is that
he had a humble relationship with Dr Nujoma based on brotherhood and a shared
desire for peace, stability and a common desire over many years for economic
growth and cre­ating opportunities for the people of Namibia.

“We unconditionally support Dr
Geingob and his team that was elected two years ago with a 87% majority of
Namibian voters,” he said. A Team Swapo member, who attended the dinner,
Ngurare struck back, accusing Uncle Savva of be­ing economical with the truth
and implied that he is lying.

According to Ngurare, Uncle
Savva initiated the meeting and the suspicion is that the respected Walvis Bay
icon did it as a ploy to prevent Dr Nujoma from attending the Ekandjo/Nahas

Ngurare gave a detailed record
of the discussion of the private meeting and revealed that he,
Namudjebo-Tilahun and a certain Sirie Topulathana, who was a guest of
Namundjebo-Tilahun, stayed on as guests at the intimate dinner between Dr
Nujoma and Savva.

His reply also revealed that the
pictures on social media were taken on the pavement with a crowd in front of
the hotel and not at a rally as the impression was created in election material
on various social media platforms.

According to Ngurare, the issue
of the rally came up in conversa­tions, but Savva said that he was not aware
and will also not attend.

In a scathing attack, Ngurare
said that Savva implied that he, Nahas Angula and Pendukeni ran for “food” and
also dragged the Found­ing Father into the war of words by implying that
Savva’s condemna­tion of the invasion of his privacy also implied that Dr
Nujoma also ran for food.

Later pictures were posted with Savva with the Swapo
Secretary General, Nangolo Mbumba, show­ing that Uncle Savva is with the
Geingob Team.