hackers attack Walvis council


Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 10:15

For the past two months rate payers of Walvis Bay had to queue at the Civic Centre for hours on the day their payments were due to collect statements from municipal officials to settle their accounts.

At the latest council meeting the mayor of Walvis Bay, Immanuel Wilfried blamed cyber criminals for the troubles and said their dastardly deeds even interrupted the day to day functioning of the council itself.
“By now everyone must be aware of the intermittent ICT problems we have been experiencing the past few weeks as cyber criminals tried to worm their way into our network. This is also the reason why the Ordinary Council Meeting of February was delayed,” he said. He apologised for the inconvenience and undertook to do whatever it requires to prevent similar scenarios in future. Wilfried said the good news is that with the expertise the municipality was able to source, the ICT system has been restored to such an extent that it is able to deliver the core functions.  “It may still take a while before we are back to full capacity but once again we wish to assure our customers that their data and confidential records are safe. We were fortunate to emerge from the situation fairly intact, as some organisations or companies never recover at all. What we have also learned from this experience is that Namibia does have the expertise to deal with such disasters effectively,” he said.