narimab acquitted of rape, murder


Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 12:30
Fransiscus Narimab, 29, and Ruben Fritz, 25, were alleged to have raped and murdered Melody !UriKhos in Shandubala between 28 March and 1 April 2013. Medical reports show that !Urikhos was struck with a stone in her face and against her head. She then succumbed to her injuries due to blunt force impact trauma.
The deceased allegedly left home, saying she had been invited by Narimab and Fritz for a drink, but never returned home. Her body was discovered five days later, lying in a ditch between Shandubala and the Western Bypass.  In his judgement, Judge Boas Usiku stated that the State had no evidence upon which the court may convict Narimab, therefore he should be discharged on all the counts against him.  Fritz’s mother previously testified in court that he informed her that he and Narimab were taking drugs at the crime scene, prior to the rape and murder of the deceased. The investigating officer also reiterated that Fritz admitted to him that Narimab was part of the criminal acts, but there was no evidence linking him to the commission of the crimes.Court records indicate that the deceased was robbed of her Nokia cellphone, which was then sold for N$10 by Fritz and Narimab. It was concluded by the court that Narimab was unaware that the phone they sold belonged to the deceased. 
“As can be concluded from the evidence placed before court, there is no direct or circumstantial evidence linking Narimab to murder, rape, robbery or defeating or obstructing or attempting to defeat the course of justice. In contrast, there is evidence in the form of admissions made by Fritz that he (Fritz) raped and murdered the deceased,” Judge Usiku ruled.
Fritz’s case is postponed to tomorrow, 17 March, to set the dates for his trial.