Blinking corpse halts own funeral


RELATIVES of a deceased man from Kambimba village in the Kavango Region had to re-arrange the funeral of their beloved uncle after he was allegedly found blinking in the mortuary on the day he was supposed to be buried.

The 84 year-old man, whose name cannot be revealed for ethical reasons, died early in January following two years of illness. Sources at the hospital confided to Informanté that the man had been lying in the Andara Hospital for weeks before finally succumbing to his disease.
Funeral arrangements were made for January 15. However, relatives were shocked on the day of the proposed burial date when they discovered the deceased blinking in the mortuary.
The relatives made enquiries with the mortuary’s management about whether they could postpone the funeral, as they thought the deceased was regaining his life.
After several days of visiting the mortuary, the man was still allegedly blinking. The family contacted their relatives in Botswana to ask for advice about what to do next.
Relatives in Botswana reportedly sought assistance from a traditional doctor, who concluded that the man was dead and should be buried as planned. He cautioned however, that the deceased should not be buried in a coffin, but rather a blanket.
“He said he should be buried in a blanket because if they bury him in the coffin he’ll come back some day,” a relative from Rundu told Informanté.
A source at the hospital yesterday confirmed that the family had collected the corpse on January 15, but decided to postpone the funeral without offering too many details.
The family of the deceased finally held the funeral at Kambimba village on January 22. The man was buried in a blanket, as per instructions from the witchdoctor.
This is not the first incident of this nature to be reported in Kavango. In 2006, an elderly man from Shadikongoro was also allegedly found blinking and talking in a mortuary whilst awaiting burial.