OneLotto unable to pay winner


Lucky fellow Christopher Knipe accuses the owner of Axon Mobile Technology, Estelle Esterhuizen, of dishonesty and theft. The 28 year-old Walvis Bay resident won more than N$17,000 at One Lotto, a subsidiary of Axon Mobile Technology, on 12 October 2011, but Knipe is still waiting for his win.

Knipe bought four lotto tickets from an employee of One Lotto known as Gerald at the Walvis Bay Pick’n’Pay branch for N$5 each. On the same night, the winners were announced on One Africa Television, with Knipe walking away with N$17,174. One Lotto promised the winner his payment within three weeks. An empty promise, as it turned out.
After a whopping six weeks and numerous attempts to get in touch with the lotto company’s head office in Windhoek, Knipe was sent from pillar to pillar until he resorted to Informanté.
“I’m a fruit seller in Walvis Bay. I used up all my savings to travel back and forth between the coast and Windhoek but these people still don’t want to give me the money I won in a honest way,” said Knipe.
On 1 December, this reporter contacted Gerald who, in turn, referred Informanté to Axon Mobile’s head office in the capital. “I can confirm that Knipe won but I have no details about the payment methods. You better inquire from Estelle,” said Gerald.
Informanté made several attempts at contacting Esterhuizen but she was allegedly locked in a meeting that whole day. Not wanting bad publicity, Esterhuizen wrote out a cheque (a copy is in Informanté’s possession) to Knipe on 5 December which and meant to be cleared by the bank on 9 December. But the cheque bounced.
When Informanté contacted Esterhuizen yesterday (14 December), she claimed that the cheque bounced because the funding partners of One Lotto had withdrawn from the joint venture after the winners were announced, leaving Axon with no money to pay Knipe. She further pointed out that Axon only received half of the funding this week Monday, justifying why the cheque bounced.
“As we speak, I can guarantee you that my assistant paid the full amount into Knipe’s account this afternoon (yesterday) and all other winners were already paid,” claimed Esterhuizen. When requested to fax the bank slip to this reporter, she promised to do so. Until the time of going to press, however, Informanté had not received any such fax.