Ex top cop to face theft charges


Ondangwa - Former police deputy commissioner Gerhard Tshipena is facing charges of theft under false pretenses involving N$4,200 which was extorted from  an ex-inmate whom he shared a room with at the Oluno Rehabilitation Centre.

The former Oshakati station commander Tshipena was jailed between 2003 and 2007 following alleged fraudulent cheques issued to shops and the disappearance of public funds from his office.
According to the complainant, Joseph Uushona, he wanted to buy cattle and his friend Tshipena promised him that since he has a cattle post at Ombuga yUukwambi, he could get him three cattle to buy. As a result, Uushona arranged with the prison authorities to withdraw money and forwarded the money to his wife. At that time Tshipena was about to be released and it was arranged that he can collect the money from Uushona‘s wife. Upon his release, Tshipena went to Uushona’s wife as agreed and collected the money.
“Tate Uushona, I have passed at your house on 16 May 2007 and have received N$4,200 from your wife. Your friend, Gerhard Tshipena,” reads a note seen by Informanté purportedly written by Tshipena.
Uushona was released in 2008 and since then he has been trying to get the three cattle promised by his friend or get back the money but without any success. Having been frustrated to  boiling point by the elusive ex-cop, Uushona was forced to open a criminal case (CR 41-12-2010) against his longtime friend.
“I did not know that Tshipena can behave in such a strange manner because we know each other from the days in exile and we used to be good friends. Now I am disappointed and dispossessed by him under false pretenses,” said Uushona.
The case was opened last year in December but Uushona is concerned that the police officers and judicial officials were allegedly sitting on his case. Apparently, since the case was opened the suspect has never been charged and Uushona (64) is suspecting that the police and judicial officials were trying to push the matter under the carpet. He suspects that Tshipena was a high-ranking police officer who could probably influence some decision-makers not to act against him.
Uushona’s concern and suspicion was dismissed by Elves Mwilima, the prosecutor at the Ondangwa magistrate’s court, as unfounded because when they make decisions to prosecute, the credentials of a suspect do not count. He said the matter was brought to their attention on 23 August 2011 and is still pending for the prosecutor general’s decision. On his part, Tshipena did not pick up his phone or respond to the text message left on his cell phone by Informanté.