Gym fools clients


The new Exclusive Health and Wellness Club situated on the 5th floor of the Alexander Forbes house in Windhoek’s Independence Avenue is allegedly making empty promises to their clients. The gym is owned by the well-known businessman Tonata Shiimi.

One of their clients who signed up with the gym in March this year, shortly after it was opened, accuses them of breach of contract. The client (name known) claims that the gym advertises and also lists in its contract that they offer steam sauna as part of their services, yet the steam room has not once been in a working condition since day one.
“They are lying and don’t care about their customers, they just want money. No sauna, broken shower doors and many other things that are not in proper condition, yet they are claiming the full amount of money from us every month. This is a material breach of contract,” complains the client.
The client claims that the gym advertise services that they don’t provide and continually placate and fool customers that the facilities will be fixed.
“I am willing to pay for what I’m getting, but what I’m getting is obviously not what I signed for. We demand quality services and they should adhere to the contract,” he says.
Informanté called the gym’s general manager, Freddy Kangombe, who simply answered “The steam sauna is there, you can come and see it for yourself.” Kangombe refused to comment any further and referred this reporter to gym owner Tonata Shiimi. Shiimi referred Informanté back to the manager and did not say another word.
Informanté paid a visit to the gym and confirmed two things: Firstly, the steam sauna is there. Secondly, it never worked since March 2011.