Home Affairs asks couple to re-marry


A Walvis Bay resident was stunned when he came to the Ministry of Home Affairs in the capital to trace his marriage records just to be told that he should marry his wife again.

Immanuel Tunde got married to Linda-Elna Garuses in 1998. His marriage certificate got burned in a shack fire and he applied for a duplicate marriage certificate in September 2009. The Walvis Bay office referred him to Windhoek for further enquiries. They informed him that his record could not be located which, however, wouldn’t be much of a problem - if he simply re-married his wife.
“I have been dealing with this issue for three years now and they couldn’t trace my file. I’m already married! How can I marry the same woman twice?” asks Tunde in rage.
Based on the information obtained from the ministry’s population service section, if a marriage record cannot be found either with Home Affairs or with the magistrate’s office, the person has to re-marry.
Informanté tried in vain to contact the population services’ chief control officer, Agnes Kafula, for comment. Until date, no one picked up the telephone at Kafula’s offices.