Farmer charged for racism


TWENTY-ONE  years after independence the news of the end of apartheid seem  not to have reached some white farmers in the more remote areas. A case of crimen injuria and defamation of character was filed against Johan Harm de Waal, owner of farm Rus en Vrede situated 130 kilometres south of Gobabis in the Aminius constituency.

A group of men employed by SWAPO member and farmer Andre Visser allegedly made a stop-over near the gate of farm Rus en Vrede to hand over a horse to one of the farm workers. According to the owner of a donkey-cart, Ellias Martin Afrikaner, de Waal came by to enter his farm. “He started to interrogate and verbally insult us without giving us the right to reply.”
De Waal allegedly shouted; “Julle f*** hotnots moet wegkom hierso, kaffers! Julle blerrie SWAPO k***se kinders!” (You f*** ‘hotnots’, get away from here, kaffers! Jou bloody Swapo’s c*** children). The trio claims that he (de Waal) drove inside his farm but returned to the gate on foot to continue with his insults. “Julle moet wegkom, julle klomp gorilla-n***rs. Julle oupas het gorillas gen***i. Dis hoekom ons Vigs kry in Namibia en vrek gaan” (You must get away, you lot of gorilla f*** Your grandfathers’ f*** gorillas. That’s why we are getting Aids in Namibia and die).
Afrikaner claims that he reminded de Waal that he was also a Namibian, yet the insults continued: “Ek is nie ‘n Namibiёr nie, en word ook nie deur ‘n Wambo regeer nie. Dis net julle swart kaffers en julle baas, André Visser, wat regeer word deur die Wambos. Julle baas is ‘n SWAPO p***, en julle is almal klomp SWAPO k*** se kinders” (I’m not a Namibian, and I’m not ruled by a Wambo. Only you black kaffers and your boss, André Visser, are ruled by Owambos. Your boss is a Swapo c***, and you are all children of Swapo’s c***).
Another man who was riding in the donkey cart with Afrikaner, Flippie Jooste, says despite his pleas to stop the insults, de Waal continued unabated. At that juncture, Simon, de Waal’s farm worker, arrived at the scene and took the horse to Afrikaner. Afrikaner and his entourage left the scene and proceeded to Leonardville, where they filed a case against Johan de Waal with the police (CR10/12).
When Informanté contacted de Waal to inquire about the allegations, a female person who refused to identify herself said that the farm workers (Afrikaner and his entourage) were instigated by Visser and had a personal vendetta. She also said that de Waal is currently on holiday in South Africa.
SWAPO Party district mobilizer for Aminius, Nichlas Mbingeneeko, said it is regrettable that there are still elements in society who are narrow-minded, arrogant and barbaric not to embrace diversity and mutual co-existence 21 years after independence. “I firmly believe that the law will take its course and Johan de Waal will face the full wrath of it.”De Waal is scheduled to appear in court this week.