NOVA debuts new singles


Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 14:45


WINDHOEK – Previously known as
Stardust, the young and vibrant Namibian duo NOVA, has been laying low, only
hinting about their new music. Feeling it’s time to shed old skin and grace
their fans with new songs from their upcoming al­bum, the duo will be
performing at the FNCC’s final acoustic evening.

Well-known for their harmonious
voices, the three-time NAMAs Win­ners will be performing Namibian Soul,
Neo-Soul, R&B, Reggae and Pop Music next week Friday, 24 November, at the

Commenting on their name change,
NOVA explained that they have outgrown the name Stardust. “As people we are
ever-changing and we don't believe in holding onto something that no longer
resonates with us just because it is familiar. We had to go through this trans­formative
process to grow as artists individually and collectively.” The duo said their
supporters can expect an array of various sounds in their new album.

is going to be quite different from our debut album because this time we are
hands-on in the creative process and also we are co-produc­ing quite a number of
the tracks, NOVA is more creatively expressive than the material we have previ­
previ­ously released to the public,”
says Breanna Kandanga. Talking on their musical inspiration, Kandanga said
being in existence is what inspires them.

“We are living in critical times and
during the year we took off, we tried to experience and learn as much as we
could to have content and to be relatable,” says Muni Hoveka, the second member
of the duo stated. She added that being women in their early 20s and learning
about their bodies, minds, souls and the things that are happening around them
has been inspiration enough to produce material which NOVA is excited to share.