Serial rapist, murderer denied bail


Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 12:15
The man who stands accused of cutting short the life of a 13-year-old girl in Henties Bay two years ago, by raping and brutally murdering her was denied bail in the Windhoek High Court last week.
Jacques de Klerk, 27, is said to have had sexual intercourse with Rachel Boois under coercive circumstances when she was under the influence of alcohol. The indictment reads that he proceeded to insert a stick in her genitals, and thereafter murdered her, in the period of 3 to 4 May 2014.
Judge Christi Liebenberg pointed out that the victim died a brutal and horrific death. He said that due to the seriousness of the offences and the aggravating circumstances under which the heinous acts were committed, a severe punishment would undoubtedly be administered.
Prior to the current charges against him, De Klerk was previously charged with housebreaking with intent to rape, which he carried out in 2013, which is still pending. He further stands convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, a charge he claimed to have served six months in jail for.
Judge Liebenberg ruled that it would not be in the interest of the public or the administration of justice to grant De Klerk bail, and the State has a strong case against him. The Judge also noted the fear of abscondment, adding that the accused might further interfere with state witnesses.
“In considering the accused’s evidence, being a denial of guilt, apparent strength of the State’s case, there appears to be a real likelihood that the State will succeed in proving its case.  These crimes were committed whilst the accused was out on bail on a charge of rape, therefore this is a fact the court cannot ignore, as he is a danger to society, so he should not be released from custody,” Judge Liebenberg said.
De Klerk earlier notified the court that he intends to plead not guilty to all the charges levelled against him.