speaking through music


Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 09:45
Suzy Eises, renowned Namibian saxophonist has beguiled Namibian music lovers with her feature tracks such as ‘Get It on Tonight’ with Gazza and funky Hip-Hop instrumentals such as ‘Lick’ with producer Nasha Blaque. This year, Suzy will be getting Namibians into a free-flowing rhythm with her new self-titled EP album, introducing herself as a solo artist. 
With regard to her creative process Suzy mused that for her music is a personal journey, a reflection of emotions. “I don’t feel like I’m good with words and expressing myself, the saxophone becomes an extension of my communication. 
For example, sometimes I like to feel proud, not in a pompous manner, but being proud of who you are, when people try to bring you down, this is the reason why some of the songs I wish to make will be House tracks, I want Namibians to feel good and dance,” she said. 
Suzy explained that she is not defined by one ethnic background or language, “I like to understand everyone regardless of age, gender and sex. I want to relate to everyone.”  With regard to the challenges she faces, Suzy explained that she’s bound by the monotonous chains of routine but pushes herself every day as an independent artist. When asked what social issues are closest to her heart she explained that she is close to the youth, especially those that are unfortunate. “I believe that tampons and pads should not be a commodity as menstruation is not a choice. Why are condoms free but thousands of less fortunate girls go through the embarrassment of not having pads, or staying away from school, simply because they can’t afford to buy pads,” she questioned. 
Suzy shared that she has plans to release an EP album earlier this year which will be composed of six tracks, co-produced by Imms and DJ Kaboz.