Tov rewards kids for excelling


Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 12:00
TOV HIV/Aids Orphans and  Vulnerable Children’s Organisation has proven that paying children for doing well in school indeed pays off as most of the grades of the children have skyrocketed since the programme commenced.
The centre was established in 2001 in response to the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the Oshikoto Region. Tov started paying learners from poor families N$15 for attending school, N$70 for passing and N$140 for advancing to the next grade, but now learners get paid according to their performance in school.
Due to limited funding, however, Tov will not increase the number of children at the centre to ensure that they are able to carter for those that are already enrolled. “We are hoping that the number will increase as more resources become available. Last week, the number of children increased from 54 to 61 children and we have stopped accommodating them for now,” said Tov Technical Adviser, Reverend Edward Amadhila. Amadhila noted that the aim was to accommodate only 54 children until they secure more resources to enable them to increase the number. Parents are, however, personally bringing in children with requests to take them in, which made it difficult for the centre to turn them away. 
According to Amadhila, since the initiative was first launched to pay performing learners, they have been getting good results and school absenteeism has dropped. The idea of monetary incentives was introduced not only to keep children in school but also to positively motivate them to strive to pass and do their best in school. This will in turn reduce the rate of school dropouts and teenage pregnancies in Tsumeb.