Windhoek’s drinking water is safe


Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 08:30
The City of Windhoek Scientific Services Laboratory does test the drinking water at certain in- or outlets on a daily basis, at some other places twice a week, while other points are being tested once a week or once a month. 
“We do 10 000 tests a month and take 90 samples daily”, the chief scientist and head of the laboratory,” Kosmas Nikodemus said. The Laboratory of the City of Windhoek adheres to international standards and is being monitored by an international organisation, to supply and guarantee drinking water of high quality to the inhabitants of Namibia’s capital.
“We have the most sophisticated, modern and most expensive equipment of all sections of the City of Windhoek to be able to test our water quality each day of the year,” Venus de Klerk of the chemistry section of the laboratory said. Some water samples are being sent to laboratories in South Africa and some to France for specific tests which cannot be done in Windhoek. “Most tests for various aspects can be done here in Windhoek and we even test water for NamWater and private clients like farmers,” according to Nikodemus.
There are 120 points in the city where samples are been taken. Industrial water is not brought back into the system again but treated at the plant in Brakwater. “We can take most chemicals and biological substances out of the water, including hormones and bacteria. When we declare the water fit.