Witchcraft disrupts school


Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 08:45
Learners of Frans Mvula Primary School at Omaalala village in Ondangwa Constituency are still allegedly fainting and crawling like animals for the last two weeks, blaming it on a demonic spirit.
In an emotional reaction that could not be proved, they blamed their alleged condition on a co-learner, who had since been sitting idle at home for two weeks for her own safety. 
Fellow learners had apparently tried to attack the learner they accused of witchcraft as retribution for allegedly bewitching other learners for no reason. Their unruly behaviour has reportedly prompted the parents of the learner accused to report the matter to the education authority. The parents were advised to temporarily remove their girl from the school.
Oluno circuit inspector Lucas Shikufinde confirmed reports of a strange commotion at Frans Mvula Primary School. “Some parents were demanding that the school be closed but this was rejected. In fact, we do not deal with witchcraft-related issues. If there is any suspicion about witchcraft, this should be a police matter. We as education officials cannot spearhead such a complaint,” Shikufinde said.
Although the suspected learner has been at home for two weeks, surprisingly, other learners are reportedly still experiencing strange conditions, Shikufinde noted.
The alleged strange occurrence for the past two weeks also involve about ten children who had apparently experience breathing problems recently.
According to sources the alleged victims are mentioning names of people who have possessed and molested them with allerged demonic spirits. Reverend Ferdinand Nashidengo, who lives in the vicinity of the school in question, was informed about the incident and asked to provide spiritual care to the affected learners. It is not the first time that ridiculous accusations of witchcraft was reported at the said school. The reverend was also asked to provide faith service on previous occasions.