Witchcraft grounds fish producer


Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - 08:00
The assistance of the Namibian police along with private security personnel were called to the premises of Merlus Seafood Processors in Walvis Bay last Friday, when emotions boiled over among vessel crews over a fellow crew member they accuse of witchcraft.
Some crews refused to sail if the accused person was also on the vessel. It was established from reliable sources that a firearm was confiscated by the police from one of the crew members on Friday who is in the faction that accuses the fellow crew member of witchcraft.
Merlus some months ago reportedly hired the services of a traditional healer to address the crews in order to put the witchcraft matter to rest. Despite that the situation between the factions deteriorated and also became a labour problem for the company with people refusing to go aboard vessels to work if the person accused of witchcraft was also allowed to go aboard.
The matter reached boiling point last Friday and when the police confiscated a firearm the premises of Merlus were briefly placed under lockdown to protect other employees. Members of the public were also evacuated from a fish shop on the premises of Merlus at the time.
Meanwhile, rumours of an armed robbery at clothing retailer Jet Mart in Walvis Bay’s central business district, only hours after the Merlus incident, was partly exposed as devoid of truth this week. 
Jet Mart confirmed upon inquiry on Monday that on Friday afternoon four suspicious males entered the shop, but left shortly thereafter. The assistance of the police was called in to assess the incident and video footage of the suspects was handed to the police for possible future reference.